70 out of 100 internet users purchase from a brand that they are following on Facebook or Instagram

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and  YouTube, become powerful online marketing resources for emerging brands. When it comes to Social media platforms, we offer fully customized solutions to increase your brand awareness, increasing reach, or to increase the traffic of your brand’s page.

“We Position you to the right audience”

We have served 1000+ emerging brands from Small, Medium, and Large enterprises, across the globe. Choosing Pagepluz as your digital marketing partner undoubtedly increases your visibility, conversions, and revenue.

Here’s what we do:

“Our Campaigns increase your visibility, conversions, and revenue”

Facebook Campaigns

FB campaigns attract the desired target audience than any other platforms. Our FB advertising is a great way to create brand awareness among people on what we offer.

Instagram Advertising

To reach the young and energetic audience, Instagram would be the preferable choice of business leaders. Our team caters to eye-catching and engaging content to get better results

YouTube promotions and services

A cost-effective, highly targeted platform to get results faster. We work to successfully connect with the targeted audience to take our brand to the next level.

Social media promotions (Facebook and Instagram)

Social media promotions @ Rs.10,000 +GST 18% per month

Increase your brand engagement with Min. 40k reaches in a month @ Rs.10,000 +GST 18%

Terms and Conditions:

  1. All projects will be commenced on a 100% advance payment.
  2. Facebook and Insta Ads: Social media promo will be carried out based on the monthly calendar approved by the client includes10 to 15 designs per month.
  3. We can assure a potential 40k reach in FB and Insta platforms.
  4. The output file would be in PNG resolution for WhatsApp, FB, and Insta. A Separate printing format file shall be given at an extra cost, on request from the client.
  5. Payments received. Clients shall avail of alternate services instead of a refund.
  6. 18% GST applicable, additionally for all services.